Blue and wild
Blue and wild

Blue and wild

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Amazing marine animals of Baja California

Authors: Yuri V. Albores Barajas, Cecilia Soldatini
Illustrator: Monica Parussolo


A fascinating journey to discover everything there is to know about the most important marine animals of Baja California: thanks to this book, children will transform themselves into marine biologists and will meet so many amazing creatures: from the giant squid, to the mysterious storm lord, to the fastest fish in the world. The book is illustrated by large-format drawings.


English and Español
23,5x28,5 cm (9.3x11.2 inches)
32 pages

Editions available:
Blue and wild - Amazing marine animals of Baja California
ISBN 978-1-952643-02-6

Azul y salvaje
Los increíbles animales marinos de Baja California
ISBN 978-1-952643-03-3