High Quality Prints with a Certificate of Authenticity

All Baja California Gallery photographs are printed in Italy by  the expert hand of our professional laboratory.

Under the artist’s supervision, the prints are numbered and a certificate of authenticity is provided. With the photographer’s consent, a single photograph can be made available in one or more formats: Large, Window and Wall. Each format respectively corresponds to a specific limitation: 200-100-50. For further information, explore our formats and finishes.


Since photographs can be endlessly reproduced, Limited Editions is  a very important issue. We guarantee that neither our Gallery nor the artist will produce more of that exact edition. The artists hand-signed signature on the back of every Limited Edition ensures its authenticity and increases its value on the art market. The Certificate of Authenticity includes all of the relevant details including the format, original creation date, production date, edition number, and print number. All according to international standards.


Large Format 60x90cm or 90x90cm - 200 limited edition prints

Window Format 90x140cm,  60x180cm  or 90x180cm - 100 limited edition prints

Wall Format 140x140cm , 90x250cm , 140x180cm or 140x250 cm - 50 limited edition prints


The photograph will be delivered with a 5x5cm wooden frame for exhibitions, this finish offers a direct view of the artwork and creates an impression of depth. The photograph is firstly printed on canvas and fixed on stretches bars. It is then fitted into a 500x500mm custom-built frame in solid wood. Perfectly flat and slightly set back within the frame, the photograph is thus better protected. The space between the photograph and the frame also contributes to an effect of lightness and depth. The wood frame is available in several colours: black, natural, and white finish.